Saturday, October 31, 2009

My NYC Story

So most of you have already heard I was stuck in NYC for three extra days because I had lost my wallet, in a cab on my way to the Champagne show. It was a bummer, espically since I was supposed to go to the airport and fly home the next day. Instead we got mini bottles of Jamie and partied the night away. Being stranded in the biggest city in the world with no money, no id and no place to stay, I think I did considerably well. you would be suprised how many people wanted to help me- from money to places to stay to free drinks, I had a great time, stressful but great!!! the first time I tried to get on the plane, the airlines were not having it, the police came and I turned on the waterworks! They did wave all flight fees ect. It sucked because I had to store my bags in the airport and live out of my purse for three days. I finally got on the airplane with a police report. I didnt think it would be that easy, but I walked right through!

Before my feasico, I went to some very fun parties, from Wu-tang studios kicking it with Cappadonna, meeting a guy called Magic Brownie ( fuckin lame haha) to going to the Tiki Bar with Ninjasonik. I hung out with those dudes throughtout the week, rolling with there crew is a great time! When I saw them live, I really dug it- I mean Bad Brains cover???? Fucking Rad!!! They talk kinda funny tho- like saying "dot com" after shit? Who does that? So funny though! Stay tuned for interviews as well as coverage of the Matt & Kim video they are colabin on.

Overall, I lalala-LOVE NYC. The people are more my pace, I am orginally from the east coast so it makes sense.... All I have to say is watch out Seattle, you might lose me to NYC- the city that never sleeps!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009



So I bought a $2 Camera while in NYC to capture some experiences.... CHEAP SHOTS!!!!!

These were at the "Tiki Bar"waaayyyy afterhours...

Randy Beerz- Me wearing his tiny hat necklace!

Us girlz partying!!!!!!

Zana, and my girl who bartenders at The Beauty Bar

Random drunk dude at the Party

We LOVE mini Colt45!!!!!

After the Ninjasonik Show(Wish this pic turned out!)

Dank and Zana

We were riding bikes around backstage

At happy hour- when I still had my wallet!

Juliette Happy Hr

Wu Tang recording Studio- Kickin it with CappaDonna

Were so silly

Dank- this is the last pic of her famous phone b4 it was lost!

When we found Dank Finally!!!

Drinks at the Lodge


Jason Dodson luvs tiny pumpkin!

Dog we stayed with- I think I stayed like 5 diff. places total!

Picture at the park- only scenic one on the trip!

Friday, October 16, 2009

W.C.x F.E.

This Weekend!!! PDX!!!!

Scion Garage Fest Trailer from Scion A/V on Vimeo.


Tonight, Digital Leather, The Girls,Virgin Islands, Absolute Monarchs @ the Comet Tavern.

Eletro-Punk Night!!! Think leather jackets meets neon glasses!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze

On Sunday, Zana drove us in her LTD to a Corn Maze in Snohomish about 25min north of Seattle. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now I am a MAze Believer! We broke all the rules, throwing the corn, running, eating it, I had to use the restroom and even did that! It was truly a blast! J.Luna made a corn headdress out of the leaves! We got a wheelbarrow and then picked pumpkins!!! It was really fun to search for your very own. If that wasn't enough, We went down some crazy slides, went to the heavy petting zoo(haha), and last but not least- Shot pumpkins out of Cannons!!! I recommend everyone have this amazing fall event!

Friday, October 9, 2009


This art show is gonna be the shit!!! Come check it out!!!

Lame shows

So, there are just a few so-so shows going on this weekend... I will probably be resting, the calm before the storm type of thing. If you insist on going out, here are some ideas-

Mono @ Nuemos- Lame. Slit your wrists or remember to take your prescription pills!

Duchess & the Duke @ Crocodile- You can catch them play almost any weekend, so maybe tonight?

Fresh Espresso @ Comet- Now, if you didn't know this yet, The Comet tavern is my favorite bar in Seattle. They mainly have rock shows but on occasion, jittery coffee will take stage. I must admit to you all now, this is my guilty pleasure band. I listen to it when I'm all alone, when I do what I do.

Juliette Lewis@ El Corazon- Actor turned rocker, when you wear face paint and head dresses, starring in movies such as Natural born killers, you gotta wonder what the fuck is up!

For me, I think I will try and chill, my life is to fast! But then again, I might stumble to my favorite bar, the streets always call my name, and end up falling into my same vices.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Japanese Motors with The Horrors @ Neumos.

Japanese Motors hailing from Costa Mesa Ca, have a very surf punk in 2009 sound. Also signed to Vice records- Surprise Surprise!

The Horrors are from London, these boys are right up my ally as far as attractive dudes- the hair, skinny jeans, black clothes, Joy Division meets Sid Vicious! I think its the British accents that would put these boys over the top!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Weekend

Well Yesterday I spent all day on my couch watching movies. I blame it on the night before! The Reverb Festival in Ballard had a great line-up of all local bands. It promised to be a good night but before my experience even started, they wouldn't give me any passes or get in. Basically the security was extremely tight for a $10 festival in Ballard. Once in, I had a good time, they had free pizza, bagels and big, I mean 32oz big beers. All the bands did well, although there was a certain point in my night that I was completely obliterated! Security again had problems with me- I guess I went into a "restricted" bathroom, and man, these girls were on a power trip! I was like "I'm leaving, there is no reason for you to be rude to me!" oh, but they didn't give a fuck! After that, I just went to see as many of the bands I could fit in. I never made it to see The Drug Purse, and I never made it to the Black Lodge either. I pretty much failed on my coverage, but hey, I was having a very hard day and was seriously not even going to go at all!
So those of you who saw me, that's what a hot mess looks like! And I pledge to you all- next time, I will get the scoop! Sometimes though I wonder is this interview shit really for me? I hate feeling like a kiss ass and seeing other press act like that makes me glad I can be different.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Drug Purse

Also Saturday, don't forget the show at the Josephine! I will be doing an interview with The Drug Purse- It's gonna be a good time! Also stay tuned to see what they have to say!!!

When your good and wasted....

Fallow me and my boo to the after hours party- it will CRAAACKKKK SOOOOO HARD!!!!!!!!!
With yet another performance from Champagne Champagne and They Live will be there too! B.Y.O.B.! Black Lodge- if you don't already know, your not invited!

Saturday, Sweet Al-A-Ballard!!!

So this weekend all the action will be down in Ballard. Seattle Weekly's Reverb Fest is all local bands, showcasing at ten locations throughout Ballard. Wither your into hip hop or rock there is something for everyone! Here is my picks on who to see-

5pm- Wallpaper- Part Shoegaze, part Powerpop, part Garage, this band has that particular sound- catching the eyes of K records, which is not an easy task! Come sway and clap to there melodic sound.

7pm- The Lonely H- Could this band be any younger or any hotter? If only I were 18 again! These boys got the sound, fashion and talents, a little bit country a little bit rock n roll. Think heavy!

8pm- Thee Emergency- My homeslice, Dita Vox, is guaranteed to grab your attention, eyes glued on her amazing looks, voice and performance- she's a real jaw dropper and show stopper! The band backing her is chalk full of talent as well!

8pm- Fences- Amazing man, amazing songs- Fences is a real experience! Classically trained in guitar, his melodies wont disappoint!

9pm- Cute Lepers- Just finishing there new album, soon to come out in December, this show is full of energy, bringing you a punk, powerpop vibe. Steve E. Nix, from The Briefs writes all the songs, hit after hit!

9:30- Thee Satisfation- Coming back for the Bay, to there home turf, sure to get the warmist of welcomes! Think jazzy whitty girls!

9:30-The Girls- No strangers to Seattle Music Scene, Eletro-punk band The Girls always get the crowd moshing, in the more adult playful way!

10:30- Champagne Champagne- You will know when the party has officially started! Playing every major music festival this year, Pearl Dragon walking on People's hands, this band is a legend in the making!

11:30- Coconut Coolouts- Banana suit wearing, grarge surf rockers, with enough energy to get you moving!

12:30- The Maldives- Met these guys during the filming of MTV's $5 Cover. Awesome dudes, great music!

12:30- Kay Kay &His Weathered Underground- Big band with a Big sound! Def a good way to end the night!

The funny thing is writing this list and knowing all the bands! It will be a true Seattle Music Scene get together!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ace of Spades

Motorhead will be playing this Friday at Showbox Sodo. Lemmy is a true rock god, starting this band in 1975, and still selling out big venues! There new album, number 24 for the band is intitled, Motorizer. It sounds pretty much like everything they have done in the past decade. The key thing is Motorhead's reputation of great live shows. Heavy metal riffs, Lemmy's raspy voice and a rock until you die attitude is what you will expect to get. I'm sure Metalheads everywhere will be crawling out of there mom's basement to catch this one!