Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend In Pictures...

Soon to Come!!! Hunx Interview!

These are my three boyzzzz! LaPrell,Kekoa & Rocky dogg! Heading to Cal Anderson Park to play some ball and run the playground.
Saturday i went to check out Thee Satisfaction & Thee Emergency @ WildRose.
Fall Of Troy @The Jet Mill Creek WA. Saturday Night with ChampagneChampagne.

Slats on the beach-Sunday @ Priscella's Birthday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This Saturday

The line-up at the Wild rose Saturday is one not to be Missed....
Hunx & His Punx(9pm)-

and dont worry kids- if you miss them Saturday- they are playing at the FUNHOUSE on SUNDAY! with the ONONOS daytime show!
Thee Satisfaction (1:30pm)- these girls are on the up and up! come check'em out before there spaceship comes back to take them to a better place!

Thee Emergency(2:30pm)-
It will be great to see the energy of this band wild on the street!

other bands Saturday include- TacoCat,Telepathic Liberation Army, Leslie and the Lys,Weekend,Redwood Plan,Goon Squad, Dutchess & The Duke...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things to Look Forward to....

This is Cute Lepers first show since the tragic loss of guitarist Travis Criscola. Please come support! The DJ's are also gonna make you wanna dance the night away!

June 27, Mill Creek WA- The Jet Bar

Thomas, Pearl, Thomas @ Sasquatch!

Fall of Troy
Champagne Champagne
Dark Signals

Also June 27th, Wild Rose - Thee Satisfaction, Thee Emergency & many others!

July 4th @Comet Tavern
The Greatest Hits
Pretty Vanilla (Canada)
The Spurts (Santa Cruz)
JimmyFlame&his SexxyBoys

Friday, June 12, 2009

All seeing eyes...

Last night I got to catch All Seeing Eyes from Ventura Cali. Reconciled from the Thunder Boys, the band now has a more mature, classic rock vibe... Looking straight out of the 70s but with a great twist. Definitely not to miss!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Funhouse Dicks???

So in the green room at the Funhouse there are a bunch of old fliers posted all over the walls. Under further investigation, I realized there were some true comedians who had visited in the past- here are some highlights---->

So if ya wanna see more come to this show. All Seeing Eyes are awesome. Fuck! all the bands are awesome! So come out celebrate Leif's Birthday!!! It is Gigi's Birthday too! So bring her a cupcake!
See ya there!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Great Stuff Here...

Funhouse.FridayNight.Jello Shots.Cheap Beer.Basketball.Great Tunes.

SugarSugarSugar- I had never heard of this band before Friday night. Its always great to see a girl in a band especially rocking the drums, add two long haired boys and a man in the corner with a slide guitar and sax(switching back and forth) you have a really interesting sound. One song had the sounds of a motorcycle engine-Radness. Def worth checking out!!!

Strong Killings- Nate is a great buddy. Chilling with him is always a good time. Talk about an underestimated band in Seattle!!! The sound goes from grunge rock to straight up punk to noise to lets go kill ourselves! A roller coaster ride for your ears! Pearl Dragon Jumped on the mike for the last song and free styled- the result was two cosmic stars colliding making a mesmerizing experience.

Thee Emergency- Dita Vox of course, is always worth seeing live. The soulful energy of Thee Emergency will keep you watching, listening and wanting more. This band has been working in the Seattle scene along time, always gaining new fans & attracting anyone who has ever seen them. They constantly evolve into new sound while staying true to there roots in music.