Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fuck Bumbershoot

Shits' Hella GAY. I will be there Saturday only... I think that day has a horrible lineup as well. Oh silly Seattle, naming a festival after an umbrella, even though if your from here you would never be caught with one! Think that says it all.

Even so, Here is a link to the schedule...
and if I had to pick my route for Saturday...
          Flatstock (in the Fisher Pavilion)
          Man, art for your house!Fliers to make you look cooler then you really are!

          Brite Futures (Key Arena 1:15)
          Use to be Natalie Portman's Shaved head... Indie Pop for Sures! Pearl Dragon will be doing a
          song with them that should Kill!!!

          Champagne Champagne (Fisher Green 2:15)
           The Official party Starters!!!
          Red Fang (Exibition Hall Stage 2:45)
          Some awesome hard rock prog it!

          Shabazz Palaces (Fisher Green 5:45)
          Lets SPACEOUTTT!!!

           Beat Connection (EMP SkyChurch 6:00)
           These guys are up and cumming...hehe

          STRFKR (Fountain Lawn Stage 8:30)
          Be whisked away to the experience that is STARFUCKER!



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hi Fashion $9.99

stumbled upon this video- the song is rad... I don't give a......WTF!?

Soundfest this weekend!

Schedule here.
(I cant read that!?)

I'm excited to see these- (some are playing multiple times throughout the weekend, poor playing or a double dose- either way if you get caught up, dont fret!)

The Riffs

The Avengers

Prima Donna

Jello Biafra

Reagan Youth

US Bombs
The Vandals

The Dickies

John Doe & Exene

Neon Nights

The Beat

& Many More!

Gucci Roots!?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Doe Bay Festival 2011

Wow. That was the most epic time ever. Doe Bay Resort has the nicest staff and volunteers. This trip had so many highs and chillaxing times. I am very grateful that Champagne Champagne took me on the trip. We all camped, yes in tents! Literally thirty feet from the Main stage. We saw many deer (which is why they call it Doe Bay!) made lots of new friends!

I learned that-
Share everything. It will always come back to you!

Also make sure to cover the check list-
you need-
1) a hot girlfriend
2) an acoustic guitar
3) Beard
4) Straw Hat
5) be Jam Session ready!

The sauna and hot tubs cured my daily hangovers as well as the Loving den mothers and everyone who ran the retreat house... It was so epic!
Thank You Doe Bay! JOE...YOU ROCK! Pearl Dragon and I will definitely be back for a vacation!

More Pics and Videos to come!!! I would have done some work, but this was strictly vacation for me!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dog Napper...AKA LISA DANK

Genius... the owner of FRED Wildlife Refuge made this parody video. I think it is hilarious and the video is very well thought out and produced... There is even a cameo of LISA DANK!!! So enjoy HATERS, while both these DOGG's are goin to the TOP of the food chain!

Dog Napper from Fredwildliferefuge on Vimeo.