Monday, August 15, 2011

Doe Bay Festival 2011

Wow. That was the most epic time ever. Doe Bay Resort has the nicest staff and volunteers. This trip had so many highs and chillaxing times. I am very grateful that Champagne Champagne took me on the trip. We all camped, yes in tents! Literally thirty feet from the Main stage. We saw many deer (which is why they call it Doe Bay!) made lots of new friends!

I learned that-
Share everything. It will always come back to you!

Also make sure to cover the check list-
you need-
1) a hot girlfriend
2) an acoustic guitar
3) Beard
4) Straw Hat
5) be Jam Session ready!

The sauna and hot tubs cured my daily hangovers as well as the Loving den mothers and everyone who ran the retreat house... It was so epic!
Thank You Doe Bay! JOE...YOU ROCK! Pearl Dragon and I will definitely be back for a vacation!

More Pics and Videos to come!!! I would have done some work, but this was strictly vacation for me!!!

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