Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rebirth of PHIZZ!

Ah, reminiscing of days of Phizz- the night that really brought together the rock and hip hop crews of Seattle, making the music scene even stronger! The party couldn't last forever but for one night, We can relive these moments from two years ago... when we were all just becoming friends. How time flies!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I ran into Grant of local band Hallways last night while having dinner and cocktails at Presse- He informed me of the show tonight, and of course I am going! Hallways is def the country psych sound of Nancy & Lee meets Gram Parsons meets Seattle influence. Good People, good music! Another friend of mine is playing in his band, The First Times. Shane has played in many local bands- this being his project. Its like Nick Lowe Powerpoppy goodness!

Also might pop into Goodie Mob tonight- just to see whats up!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thee Satisfaction FREE MUSIC!

Thank you Cat-Stasa, for blessing us with free intergalactic sound waves to groove us through the day! So many artists are greedy, money hungry, tightwads trying to make it big, and the only thing they have thats big is an ego! Somthing to be learned- love your fans and your fans will love you!
Here is a lil extra, from Ladies Night!

Moonday School from Class Project on Vimeo.

Kid Cudi? Snoop Dogg!

Diplo Produced this song with them. Its on Snoop's new release. I hear there is a mini movie Malice in Wonderland, starring Snoop on the new album, More Malice.
Its cool to see classic artists working with young talent. I might have a mini crush on Kid, I admit it! He is just so cute and talented!
Listen here!

Monday, February 22, 2010

$5 Cover Viewing Party

The Red carpet is being rolled out in Seattle...Finally! The long anticipated viewing party of MTV's $5 Cover Seattle is coming! Monday, March 1st at SIFF Cinema. Here is a link to more details of the events to take place.!/ical/event.php?eid=317923929892

I am able to bring guests- so hit me up if ya wanna be on the list!!! I will be sending it out tomorrow!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sheila E Tonight!

Today is my man's Birthday- So tonight I made reservations to see Sheila E at Jazz Alley. Its good to expose yourself to different types of music, especially percussion! She will be playing the next couple nights there, so check it out!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mudhoney @ Neumos

Grunge is not dead- as I found out last night at the Mudhoney Show. It was free, and the crowd was full of dudes who crawled out of there basement averaging about 30 yrs old. Most smelly flannel wearing head banging show I've been to in a while! Lots of crowd surfing drunks giving the Devilhorns and raging back into the mosh pit action. I saw two girls fight, one grabbed the other and tried to pull her into the mosh pit, her boyfriend got in the middle of them causing the grunge girl battle to get hairy, pulling each other's hair and scratching! The instagator got kicked out. There was also crazy spinning older guy- gray hair, glasses, he had to have been so high reliving his past- spinning in circles and making everyone pissed! I even yelled at him when he was hitting this poor short girl in the back of the head over and over again! I grabbed his collar and was like,"Get the fuck away-your hitting this girl" I almost had to sock him! He too eventually got kicked out.
Most bands I see give it the second time around usually suck- old dudes reliving the past, not the case with Mudhoney; they sounded amazing & really great energy! I see why now how they made it out of Seattle and into the mainstream. They played my favs "Touch me I'm Sick" & "Let it Slide". I enjoyed there stage presence too- the bass player, Guy Maddison would flash a smile- I felt he really was enjoying the moment, seeing crowd response again- and of course guitar player, Steve Turner, fucking rocks! From a twangy sound to the heavyist of heavy grunge he nailed it! The magic of front man, Mark Arm really captivated me and the fact he is older and still looking good and rocking it?! Who could ask for anything more!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday show at Comet...

So, if your feeling frisky,restless and ready for ladies night tomorrow and wanna pre day funk- come to the Comet tavern tonight for Oakland's Bare Wires. This is a post Bender Party- so it should be a good time! Joining them will be The First Times- my friend Shane's Band (powerpop!) and another band I am not familiar with, Branden Daniel and his Chics. Its an earlier show so get there round 930 to catch the action- that will give you enough time to get a good nights sleep for Neumos Ladies Night!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Birthday!

Feb 3rd was my Birthday- I turned 27! Having the day off of work, I went and got a mani/pedi, and bought a new dress from Betsy Johnson-It is the most smokin hot dress you've ever seen! LaPrell made me an awesome dinner and of course, every year I had Angel Food Cake!

Sorry to all my friends who expected a party- I am currently not drinking and everything's going better in my life. It was a good decision to take a break- eventually will go back though snd hopefully I will stay in check!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Promo Ladies Night!!!

Last night was really fun. I am still currently not drinking, so bars don't serve the normal purpose for me other then to see my friends! We rolled thru all the usual places and ended the night dancing at Capitol Club. Don't forget to come to Ladies Night Feb 9th- Come see my Show hosting debut!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Tonight, the Ladies will be out looking fly!!! Come find us, get a discount for the Ladies Night Show Feb. 9th and take pics with us! Your pic will end up on the blog! BE FAMOUS!

We will be making appearances all around Capitol Hill tonight-

Capitol Club- Jet Set (Vita is the Special Guest Tonight!)
Havana- Free Show Mash Hall & Jaguar Love
Cha Cha- Happy Hour all night!
Unicorn- old satellite... think Alice in Wonderland!

and more!!!