Thursday, February 26, 2009

King Cobra's Last Day

The end is near. From Kicoras, to King Cobra... I've spent alot of drinking hours at both locations. Its sad to see one of seattle's only true rock clubs close. So come out and grab a final drink with us. Know the show is early so come before If ya got other plans. Lets send them off with style. I'm going to most likely film some of the events so we can document this place!!! A true Seattle Rock n' Roll Bar!

Cute Lepers Interview!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is the very first installment of Life with Blythe!!!
I am just just learning video editing... so bare with me!


Monday, February 23, 2009


SPITS O'CLOCK. its like the best time ever. Its when we all get wasted and dance around to the one and only Spits!!!! so Feb. 27th at the Funhouse will be another crazy night... If you've never seen them live get ready for some fun! They will be playing the fallowing night in Portland at Dante's with Nice Boys(also an awesome band!). They will most likely dress in funny costumes and rock all night long. They have also in the past had fireworks- so watch out! I know I am suppose to pioneer to Kirkland that night but how can I miss this??? We will see what ultimately happens...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who's Pioneering with me?

yep it true. We are all leaving Champagne Hill for a wonderful fun filled night in Kirkland. I can't believe I am even going! So in that case, we are treatin it like a mini trip- discover what lies outside our phizzy world(ha). I will actually be filming some shit. Doin an interview with MadRad. It should be pretty awesome since we might be riding metro transit & I know these cats. No, like Know know them-like stepbrothers. And of course, Champagne Champagne will be Doin it up like always....boy o boy I love them and I dont think I'm the only one! Why again are they not signed yet??? and bring the $ kids because they got merch!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


So I am still working on editing all my current footage of LIfe with Blythe. Once I get it up its gonna be over! I've filmed quite a bit of stuff so far and cannot wait to hear feedback! Just be patient with me please! I still have no editor so I am doing it all myself. I am actually waiting for a computer part. Lame I Know.

But until then let us enjoy some of my inspiration for my new side project...SEX SHOOTER. More details to come... Just know its gonna be the best thing since free blowjobs (haha like that ever existed!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pierced Arrows!

So I'm excited to see Pierced Arrows again!
If your not familiar with this band-get frisky!
the line up includes Fred & Toody Cole (DEAD MOON)
and Kelly Halliburton. For some reason or another this
music just takes over your soul and you can never get enough!
I recall the first time I ever saw them- it was sold out and completely packed full of drunkrockers.They put us all in a trance. So join me on this faithful eve... this show will not disappoint!!!

P.S> Beware of Rock'n'Roll Injuries!

P.P.S>you can check more out about'em-

I am hoping to film a bit of the show as well as possibly a quick interview???

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cute Lepers Euro & US tour!

Coming soon.....

Interviews with the Cute Lepers!
They are about to hit the road on a full European Tour!
Then coming back and doing a U.S. tour.
I caught up with them at the Chop Suey after there last Seattle Show.

Video to come!
Check them out at-

It Starts!

So Life with Blythe finally starts!
My goal- to put your shit out there... I want to contribute to Our strong Seattle Music scene. the first of many interviews are done. Yesterday we filmed at the Winners Circle event.Boy was it crackin!
Thanks for all who came out and showed support! I am still trying to get someone to do editing. The Videos will be up as soon as I can possibly get them! stay tuned in!