Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fuck Bumbershoot

Shits' Hella GAY. I will be there Saturday only... I think that day has a horrible lineup as well. Oh silly Seattle, naming a festival after an umbrella, even though if your from here you would never be caught with one! Think that says it all.

Even so, Here is a link to the schedule...
and if I had to pick my route for Saturday...
          Flatstock (in the Fisher Pavilion)
          Man, art for your house!Fliers to make you look cooler then you really are!

          Brite Futures (Key Arena 1:15)
          Use to be Natalie Portman's Shaved head... Indie Pop for Sures! Pearl Dragon will be doing a
          song with them that should Kill!!!

          Champagne Champagne (Fisher Green 2:15)
           The Official party Starters!!!
          Red Fang (Exibition Hall Stage 2:45)
          Some awesome hard rock prog it!

          Shabazz Palaces (Fisher Green 5:45)
          Lets SPACEOUTTT!!!

           Beat Connection (EMP SkyChurch 6:00)
           These guys are up and cumming...hehe

          STRFKR (Fountain Lawn Stage 8:30)
          Be whisked away to the experience that is STARFUCKER!



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