Thursday, February 10, 2011


So I was heading to the bus stop this morning, very groggy... Pearl was nice enough to walk me to my stop, on the way we passed a Seattle Times news rack, and to our suprise the Homie Ben is on the cover! I am sooo proud to see my hard working friend gettin it in! He diserves it for how hard he works and the passion he puts into his music... I saw him briefly at the Sasquatch kick off party. He was in a disguise,faux fur stole, fake mustache ect. I noticed him right away- thinkin who is this!? He turned my way and said what up and I knew it was him. Ben doesnt have a big head, he really is someone who hit bottom and worked his way to the top! He will pave the way for the next big breakout of Seattle! which is exactly what this city needs- break the Bubble!

Here is a pic from the Beard-Off, He was the Ref! Goodtimes!

Link to Seattle Times HERE

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