Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lisa Dank Tour!

My homegirl Lisa Dank is preparing to embark on an amazing month long tour which kicks off this Tuesday, March 1st at The Comet... I'm sure it will be killer. Lets send her off in Style!!! Here is an impromptu interview with Seattle's fallacious, Pop Star....NOW!

So what is the concept of your new tour?where you going?

The concept is chaos. Pure, enlightening, darkness, dankness. Delight.

We are going down the West coast, over to Tempe/Phoenix, Austin, and then back.

What is the most anticipated spot? why? got any good props!

The G-Spot. Because it is so elusive.

FYI...That's a club in San Francisco.

Not! Well...maybe it is, but if it is, we are not playing there.

Tell me about your relationship with weed culture?

Well, it all started as a lower case g in the East Bay. I got to high school, Catholic mind you, and knew that from there on out, I was going to smoke weed and I was going to like it. Damn it.

But, now that I am a big G, my relationship has grown to gargantuan proportions. My day job is at Piece of Mind (UW predom...) and I am working with Seattle Cannabis Co-Op to offer my own special blended Lisa Dank strain.

I also wrote a song for boners and smoking pot in the morning called Morning Would, which I've recently learned has been causing a ruckus across the pond with some cats at a record label in London.
Morning Would by Lisa Dank

I love weed. Yes, I do.

What's your fav song to get high to? and fav place? wearing what?

Sade - Frankie's First Affair. At my house. Naked.

(put this on and smoke NOW)

Guerrilla Graffiti?

That's monkey business!

I love it. I prefer wheatpaste. I prefer pasting blatantly self incriminating images.

(a regular spot for Lisa Dank, 11th & Pine)

Would you say its another artform for Lisa Dank?

Oh absolutely. I find it therapeutic. If I am feeling musical uninspired I cook up a fresh batch of paste and get on it. What began as promotion has become one of my favorite means of creation and spreading the love of deviance. Plus, I seem to have a nice collection of collaborations with Seattle's insanely rich community of photographers, wheatpastin the best of these just seems to be the full circle of life.

Plus, the painful beauty of the impermanence of a wheatpaste rivals my outlook on existence in that you must cherish every moment and constantly spread, for nothing lasts forever.

Whats your next move after the tour?

Oh shit, well, I'm gunna be homeless when I get back, so figuring out where I'm gunna live will be of priority.

I am playing Neumo's on 4/20, that will be crackin....

where can I hear the latest from Lisa Dank?

On C89.5! Call in and request that shit!!

(Here's a clip from a recent C89.5 Listener Appreciation Party)

Also, my soundcloud stays pretty up to date with my releases.

I'll be dropping some music right before Summer that will probably make a mess out of massive amounts of psyches and cause a lot of freaky nasty dancing.

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