Thursday, September 22, 2011

EMP Nirvana Tribute

There has been alot of talk about the Nirvana Nervermind Tribute show at EMP. Mainly people bashing all bands that played. I want to say first, alot had to do with the sound. I don't know what the fuck was going on but no band sounded quite right. The Crypts got alot of heat, even at the end of the set getting kicked out. I personally loved there set... WWKT (what would Kurt think?) I think he would have loved the shit out of this!

Another band that was bashed was Champagne Champagne. I want to say, that Pearl Dragon has been questioned about him even liking Nirvana, and I really cant believe that is even in question! If you listen to Champagne at all, he makes many references to Kurt and Nirvana. If you listen to the Verse he did in "Drain You" you will hear his ode to Kurt, Nirvana and everything in between... Alot of people were saying it was disrespectful that they added a rap verse, I thought it was a breathe of fresh air! A creative spin to an other wise cover set. Also I have heard people ask what would the surviving members of Nirvana think of the performance... I talked to Krist Novoselic after the set, He said he liked it and that Champagne Champagne was "Dangerous" (in a good way).

All in all I really feel that it was about Seattle Musicians coming together to celebrate a monumental album. Do you think Kurt would really care about how good or bad the covers were?

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