Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guitar Wolf

Have you ever seen Wild Zero the movie??? Rent it. Play the drinking game then go see them live. Jet Rock N' Roll. Bass Wolf died back in 2005, so you'll miss him but all in all I hear its a good show!

El Corazon w/ Cheap Time and Jaguar Paw

(here is an excerpt of a recent interview from a Montreal Mirror. read more here)

Mirror: How did the tragic death of Bass Wolf affect you and the band?

Seiji: You must have seen the ghost of Billy on our DVD. He usually shows up on our live stage. He’s still affecting us and making Guitar Wolf even more powerful.

M: Can you explain the difference between North American and Japanese audiences?

S: More blonde girls in the North America. I’m pleased with seeing them.

M: Is rock ’n’ roll still vital in 2011?

S: I don’t know. But it’s going to be okay for at least another 100 years, as long as Guitar Wolf is here.

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