Monday, April 25, 2011

Nirvana Exibit

I finally went to the Nirvana exhibit at EMP over the weekend... It is def worth checking out!

In Utero

Kurt's Guitar,MTV Award, Sweater & Shirt

Another Of Kurt's Guitars.

In Utero

Tour Gear

Kurt's smashed Guitar & Soundgarden Shirt

1st Band Photos

First Guitar Kurt ever smashed on stage.

1st ever recording of Nirvana.

Recording Gear, Krist and Dave's Shirts

Dave Grohl's homemade shirt

Tour Van

Original art by Kurt Cobain in High School.

Kurt's Shirt from the Spin Magazine Photo shoot.

Me and Kurt.

Pearl Dragon and Kurt.

Original Screen Print.

Original Shirt.

Kurt Cobain's Canned Meat collection.

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