Thursday, September 30, 2010

Have'nt you Heard???

So, seems like everyone and there brother will be attending this show, Friday at the Comet(my favorite bar in the world). There has been quite a buzz about this Brooklyn based band Das Racist. I feel like so many people are going that they could have easily played Neumos, but the intimacy of the Comet will for sure bring the house down.

What I really enjoy is the flow, simplicity, and food references. There new mixtape, "Sit Down,Man" is great start to finish. Some of my Favs include "All Tan everything" "Fashion Party" and "Luv it Mayne". The beats are fresh, lots of 1990-98 References, racial and political charges as well as of course the weedz . Bottom line is its rhymes for days, and next time this show will be 3x the size!!!

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