Monday, August 16, 2010


So Saturday morning in Portland- there was a Garage sale across the street where we were staying- this is where we first met Gloria. She is a mannequin, in all her rocker glory. Our plan was to purchase her and bring her the the Smmr Bmmr show that night. I offered the woman $20 for Gloria- while contemplating the purchase(mainly because we weren't sure she could fit in the car) the woman started telling me all these stories- like she was a real person! She even comes with her own purse equipt with lipstick sunglasses condoms.... Crazy! The more the woman talked about her I realized what a deep connection she had with this mannequin. I dint want to be the one to take her friend away, and besides she would have gotten trashed at the show!!!

Here is a clip of Gloria!

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