Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have you seen LISA DANK!?

This girl is one of the most hard working women I have met in a while. the very first time I saw her live set, was at the annual Dead Baby Bike Party in Georgetown where she rocked it with a giant home made shlong- if you can wear a big ass fake dick and disgust half the people and mesmerize the rest- ya got it. Since then she has mastered her live show, which you should come and form your own opinion of the lovely, controversial LISA DANK.
I met up with her to talk about her up and coming show- which is actually going to be different then any other performance to date!

How did the character Lisa Dank Come about?
I was hella stoned on my way to a Mad Rad show in Ballard and was freestylin with my bandmate at the time. Lisa Frank, a childhood icon in "Rainbow Magic" came into the flow. I stopped that instant and said "Fuck a Lisa Frank, Imma Lisa Dank." I went and danced, my leotard broke open, Kristen Blush posted a picture of me giggin, and Lisa Dank was born.
What is your inspiration for costumes?
Candy, Princess, White Widow, Robots, Sexy Robots, Dragons, Lions, LARPers, Ms. PacMan, Those birds that take their head off in Labyrinth, Jane Fonda, Jazzercise, Phalluses
Strangest thing that's ever happened at a show?
I was still in my rock band and we were having an illegal house party. We couldn't get our equipment out of the practice space so I thought it would be a good idea to steal my housemates car to get the drum kit. Unfortunately, it involved driving it over a mud embankment because it was blocked in. The car bottomed out and was left hanging on a 4 foot cliff all night. Needless to say, our drummer's mom came through in the clutch and we got the kit to the house.
The party was crackin. Smoke was wafting through the livingroom and kitchen. The opening act played, but went on too long and the cops came. They told everyone to leave and took all my information, telling me if they come back I am going to jail. Instead of kicking people out and calling the show off, I told everyone to hide in the basement.
Because the cops came, our drummer freaked out and bailed, but I had a packed house ready to see me rock. I opted to use the drummer from the first act- an epic jam session would prevail. So, illuminated by a single black light I freestyled the most punk rock set I've ever done. Rolling on the floor, screaming my heart out, I finished the set. Not one minute later my friends runs downstairs to tell me,
"The cops are back, and they are asking for you by name"
That was the craziest show ever.

How is Sunday's show at Nectar going to be different then others in the past?

It will be the first installment of my ongoing Hip-Opera saga, similar to R. Kelly's "Trapped in The Closet"

"Locked in the Lazer Dome"- Lisa Dank, banished to her confines, the Lazer Dome, surrounded by the Sea of Sexual Chocolate, beyond the Dense Thicket of Love, in the Land of Candy Sparkle, she awaits Prince Rapper to pull on her ponytail, gaining access to the Chastity Chasm, awakening her heart and soul. Collaborating night and day, they make sweet music and live happily ever after.
You get the idea.

Whats in the future for Lisa Dank?
7" vinyl, a workout DVD, a Twister Pad MPC, Bake Sales, Pucci Bikinis, more veganism, a new hat from Goorin Brothers, and an AroMed vaporizer from Piece of Mind.

Oh, and another tour, and I will probably flee the country at the end of the year.


  1. Sounds glamorous....
    Not mentioned? The fact that she broke into her housemate's room to steal her car causing thousands of dollars of damage which she never paid for. Wow! I wish i could be more like you lisa....

  2. This sounds like a must see!!

  3. I took photos at that show. It was incredible.